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Chrysler Shakeup 10
Hello everyone greet Automotive News today I'm Tom Moore back. Coming up oil lots of  we'll have more aboard monsters hybrid plan. But we begin with a huge management jolt up by Chrysler. Just four months behind being named two of the three mark CEOs. Are out,nike free shoes. Peter aboard formerly in dictate of the Chrysler brand and Michael   the head of the lest mark have resigned. Taking over by the Chrysler brand the CEO of  outlined. Olivier friends why he ambition quickly brain either brands. The avoid mark split surrounded two there ambition swiftly be a separate ram brand as trucks. Having that Rembrandt. Fred dean got who had been within dictate of Chrysler's Denver happening that are. He does apple likewise has the auto makers US sales organization. Leading the lest automobile brand namely a skilled face. Well field who will continue to adviser Chrysler group's product chart organization. As well.is the second high outline designer apt be named brain of a major jot amid equitable the last few months. Following the promotion of GM Bryan Nesbitt apt adviser Cadillac. Shortly back the prospect of a Chrysler Fiat alliance surface.  spoke at the Automotive News world congress in January. Discussing potential product portfolios. Yeah. It's okay.  best known for leading the blueprint Of the Chrysler 300. There's a present cop automobile brain into the streets. General Motors among reducing the Chevrolet Caprice police patrol vehicle today. At a meeting of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. GM aspiration take orders as the two wagon then yearly it ambition beat the streets amid early. 2011. The cars never within its final form equitable additionally the an seen here namely based on the Holden commodore caprice sold with the police automobile among the Middle East. Automotive News product editor Rick Cranston. His GM surrounded other automatic makers are trying to fill some pretty big shoes. Replacing the legendary Ford crown  police interceptor. Well Ford Motor company's gonna be dropping the Crown Victoria 2011. Crown Victoria namely the number an amuse currently nation he says the cop car market is opening up. The contenders. It's Ford's own  But opportunities for General Motors for the Chevrolet Caprice,air jordan shoes.   more opportunities for Dodge Charger with the new theory Africa  years. According apt the CEO of one upstart cop car company carbon motors nearly 75000. Police cars. Are sold annually. We're gonna cultivate the fuel economy and our overall fleet by 30% surrounded the then several years any diesels are hybrids and your future I can't advert That was Mazda North America capital Jim O'Sullivan speaking to journalists among February. About his company's green strategy. And plan swiftly appears apt be taking vogue The Japanese automaker looking apt heave more than one billion dollars and a sheriff's bargain And invest maximum of the things apt dilate mongrel and other technologies. Analysts think monster has been slow in developing subsequently gen craft technologies. Especially behind its ties with Ford weekend with the blue universal reduced its peg among laws that. To 13%. Last yearly Pressure apt offer hybrid models. Is this specially strong. In Japan. That is our show for this Monday. All  laws thanks for watching everyone and that's always we wish to discern you back here tomorrow,nike air max 90.
Hello Jennifer here with this Friday's first checked. Coming up eighth report and the history of sheet Let's begin with the headlines. This namely Leslie Allen and afterwards news apartment Jaguar CX 75. The mongrel super car that stole the spotlight by the Paris auto show last fall. Will accident reality and late 2013. Jaguar today announcing plans to build a production version of the automobile equitable 200 want be built its humorous fifteen. Some other mathematics it would have a altitude velocity of 200 miles per hour. And beat sixty miles per hour and fewer than three seconds. Buyers ambition pay nearly one point an million dollars. China says some US made vehicles have benefited from unjust subsidies And its own auto makers have suffered as a outcome An investigation by the country's business ministry. Centered aboard whether US automobile companies had been helped by incentives and impose breaks. Granted by the state of Michigan. And the federal ministry by the consumption of China's automatic makers. China says it won't impose any anti dumping responsibility by least for instantly namely telling dealers within Canada that sales of Toyota mark vehicles well plunged by as much as a third over the after three months. The reason. Car shortages stemming from the march earthquake. That's along to the globe and bring newspaper. Which dealers who took part within a company raining test. And a separate them always apt dealers Toyota Canada said this month's target is 111500. Sales. That's down from 16100461. In May of last yearly Toyota declining to dispute any mathematics if spokeswoman told the paper quote. We put out targets always the phase the dealers use either as a lead and go to exceed them. It's been seven decades since the US authority First automatic makers to construct more personal vehicle apt assistance among the nation's battle effort. Back then Cuba's World War II. The response apt America's request has contingency what the world instantly knows as canvas To celebrate the anniversary the won't be a display amid suburban Detroit is running and here's a cheat exhibit. Our Byron Trimble steps back in season amid this report. I can go trails there'll forest trails you've put parachute aboard it thrown aboard the back for an airplane as the paratroopers. It lives Normandy beaches we actually it did everything that was asked apt do it more. Chrysler archivist Brant Rosen woods is talking nearly the 1943. Overland and be. A conveyance much believe was one of the maximum important tools among World War II. And surrounded the history of modern warfare. It was a fast light vehicle that actually replace more wheel and the horse for return responsibility from ambition be a following cab apt carrying munitions to be troop carriers. They even uses altars aboard Sunday mornings. While the 1943 G and B is celebrated as a troll aboard world war two and namely an of the more. Popular attractions surrounded the museum's permanent collection namely predecessor surrounded the 1941. In eight. Is the star the seven years of G celebration. Downstairs. This is the prototype that Overland put up against Ford and American surrounded a bid to be US military's primary calm conveyance It's also the origin. A this particular chip of history was pedestal within 2001. Rusting away at a crop within Washington State's.exceedingly infrequent conveyance they only 18100 alternatively so these vehicles. To our knowledge there's nearly point restore examples within the world only eight are here United States F. the battle is Overland motors trademarked the Jeep assign the company saw the latent for daily use among consumers. The automatic maker rapidly came out with a CJ short for civilian G. Flash ahead 1987 meantime Chrysler buy the mark after seeing the success of 84 Jeep Cherokee. jordan shoes store And the transformation from naval to multi intention conveyance an namely complete. So pure lifestyle conveyance you know for battle apt forever work amongst what really apt play The exhibit runs amongst the kill of the daily as first shift among Auburn Hills, Michigan iron Trimble. Byron tells us immediately is very sure where that appoint originated. Many deem it came from it I heard you featuring actor named Eugene G. And we and they show perch additionally but notes. Thirteen years antecedent tomorrow. Larry announced a wedding of equals with Chrysler. And that is our show thanks as watching. You on Monday.
Settings of the future emulate automatic makers encounter their transportation needs. It might be America's we'll hear from the folk on the front the draft Thanks for joining us aboard this Friday I'm Jesse Snyder sitting among for Tom back. Michelin has issued a challenge penetrate at the city of 2046. Some 35 years down the road from a draft attitude Experts from Ford Chrysler GM. College for Creative Studies tackled the issue and a presentation yesterday apt the automotive press association. Designers discern opportunities ranging from small cordless vehicles to current forms of mass transit and jordan shoes store even entirely autonomous vehicles. They mention future vehicles longing be beauteous enough to communicate with every other and avert crashes. And so you had vehicles talking to every other to the point where they never you know much favor magnets never got closer. You know ten apt every other than you don't need forever that supplement access you don't have to do vehicles that have. Envelope wheels and tires and bumpers that this tremendous opportunities for draft deliverance flexibility and option of materials that can use. Chris early bird namely GM's director of advanced conveyance concepts. He says diagram longing nike free escape continue to be away apt differentiate manufacturers from one anew But ambition the still mean as much to drivers. opiates Belsky says drivers are yet starting apt discern vehicles as more of an appliance apt get from point a to point B. And it's a mobility organ if you nike free running will We'll bring you more design outlook next week on our a m show for shift with Jennifer long. Also player Bausch expects to resume full production among Japan by September that along apt North America capital Peter marks. Marks telling Bloomberg output has fallen fewer than  50% since the march 11 earthquake. Bausch also planning apt combine 1000 jobs amid North America. Sweden Russia and China what do they have among common If you said sob you're right. Automotive News governmental editor Edward Latham explores the connection among this week's explication Hey have you heard the one almost the Swedish carmaker of the Russian investor among the mini known Chinese automatic company that hike into a bank. No seriously folks who would have thought that victor Muller could line up investments amid Russia and China keeps He gets high marks for determination. I understand what's among it for smaller and sob merely I can't chart out what the Chinese and the Russians really wanna take away from the handle It could be technology. Or the factory. Or maybe they're equitable trying apt a well known jot at a bargain cost Look it's a good-looking thing that victor Muller still wants to keep sob living But among this game of international finance he'd better keep his wits almost him and his lawyers nearby I Edward lapels and that's how I discern it. Thanks said Automotive News editor Jason Stein is standing by immediately with a see by Monday's print edition Jason. Thanks Jesse profits changing mall share and shift apt small cars it's forever coming aboard Monday,jordan retro 11. In the digital and print editions of Automotive News we're working on a huge image snapshot of always things changing among the industry. The Detroit three are on the rise surrounded more ways than one All this week we heard nearly profits and annexed sales on Monday aspiration watch by the outlook for the vacation of the anniversary meantime it comes apt changing mixing grabbing share. It's never equitable Detroit three story. The Koreans are on terror as well and store the German brands we tread back and penetrate by the winners and losers amid a world it's looking a bit alter How different You'll must inexpensive nike shoes come back to find out. Also we'll do our annual talk from the top with North American bosses at involved and we'll examine a change kind of American Idol Jessica thanks Jason,nike free run 3. And that is our show for today you can find us on Twitter by automatic news TV. We'll discern you back here on
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